Why Overlord?

By giving development teams a central location for messages, task updates, and checklists, they can stay focused on creating their game or mod, instead of constantly worrying about who’s doing what, when it’s going to be done, or what they are supposed to be doing. With advanced task management options, there will never be a question about what each team member’s assignments and responsibilities are, or what their progress is, everyone can see exactly what’s going on at any time by checking the project overview.


  • Easy Installation

Just upload the files to your web server and then fill out a simple form in your browser. If you have FTP access, the installer can even do permissions for you! Also works on locally installed webservers.

  • No Limits

There are no artificial limits in Overlord like there are in other project management solutions. You can have as many users, projects, and items as your database can hold.

  • Milestones and Timelines

Group your tasks into logical Milestones and create a timeline for your project by giving them deadlines and setting up dependencies.

  • Task/Bug Management

Overlord uses a simple interface to create, assign, and update tasks and bugs, allowing everyone to stay on track.

  • File Manager with Attachments

Each project can have custom folders for uploaded files, and any type of item in a project can have files attached to it.

  • Communication

The message system in Overlord works just like a forum, with categories, threads, and replies. All items can also be commented on, allowing quick and easy communication wherever it is needed.

  • Get Organized

With the tagging system and search, you can find anything on the site quickly. Whether you are looking for a particular file, task, message, or milestone, you’ll be able to find it.

  • RSS Feeds

Overlord automatically maintains RSS feeds for all activity, each project’s activity, and each user’s assignments.

What User’s Are Saying

Just wanted to let you know I use PHP Overlord Extensively while producing our XBLA and other games here. Great stuff!
-Tim Aste
I highly suggest picking up Overlord, it's done wonders for our team.
Purchasing Overlord was the smartest move we ever made, our team is working faster and better than ever before. 10/10