Overlord is a host-it-yourself web application that will keep you and your development team on track and on time, helping you complete your projects faster and easier.


What can Overlord do for me?

By giving development teams a central location for messages, task updates, and checklists, they can stay focused on creating their game or mod, instead of constantly worrying about who’s doing what, when it’s going to be done, or what they are supposed to be doing. With advanced task management options, there will never be a question about what each team member’s assignments and responsibilities are, or what their progress is, everyone can see exactly what’s going on at any time by checking the project overview.


  • Easy Installation
  • No Limits
  • Milestones
  • Tasks, Bugs, and Checklists
  • File Manager with Attachments
  • Message System
  • RSS Feeds